Make it a Surprise Date Night!

Enjoy this fun little studio made just for one or two couples.

Lead & Follow Private Lessons: $45 Hour
Special Customized date night: $75  Date Night dance lessons.

If you have two left feet or just want to brush up on your skills this is a wonderful place to start. Its always exciting to learn something new but when it really improves your over all dance experience its exciting! Men will learn to lead in a way that the women can understand more quickly and tips to improve her trust as the dance. The ladies learn to follow with structure listening and waiting on the lead. Moving together with clear communication makes for a great dance!

Call to book your night out at this great little private studio made up special for you and your date!

Location : Acting Center NW  inside Howard St. Business Building,  2775 Howard St. CDA ID 83814 (park and use back entrance)

Instructor: Crystal Reiber 208-704-2767